Sign up for the new Emergency Notification System


Dear students,

To ensure you are notified in the event of an emergency closure, it is important to sign up for emergency emails, phone calls, and/or text messages from the college.  Here are the instructions on Setting up Emergency email, phone, or texts

  1. Go to URL (
  2. Sign in using your login email address.
    • If you haven’t registered, now you would push the ‘REGISTER’ button.  The system will then send you an email (to your address) to register.  Please follow the instructions there to register yourself and set up a password.
    • If you have registered, put in your password for that email address.
  3. Click on ‘Continue’
  4. Go to Recipients > Users
  5. Click on your name (doesn’t look like a link, but it is.  It’s right above your email address)
  6. Change any options that you want – add or remove phone numbers and email addresses.
    • To add, go to the correct box under ‘Device Information’, and click on the + on the upper right side of that box.  After you type in the correct information, click on the checkmark on the right.  If you’re successful, the number or address should appear there.  A verification message will be sent to that phone.  After that number is verified, the option to re-send the verification message will disappear.
    • To edit, find the one you want to edit and click on the pencil icon on the right side.  When you’re done, click the checkmark on the right.
    • To delete, find the one you want to delete, and click on the trash icon on the right side.  Then click ‘OK’ on the pop up window.