Explore Philosophy!-5 Reasons why you should take a PHL class

Have you ever considered taking a philosophy class? How about a class about Ethics? What is right and what is wrong?
Professor Patrick Williams will be teaching PHL203 Ethics (CRN 32476), this fall 2022, Monday and Wednesday at 10:30.
The class draws on personal experiences and values to discover ethical solutions. Below are 5 good reasons you should take this class.
*Fun conversations
*Insightful perspectives
*Earn Arts and Letters credit for AAOT
*Learn about yourself and others
*Discover values
Think about it, it counts for the AAOT, and it will practical in the future. We all are faced with ethical questions and decisions in our lives, and once in the professional word you will be faced with those questions too in your professions. This class is a win, win.
If you have questions, you can contact [email protected]