Changes to ERDC (Employment Related Day Care) for Students

The Oregon Department of Education, Early Learning Division has made new changes to the Employment Related Day Care (ERDC) program that allows Oregon students greater access to affordable childcare.

Student Eligibility: Students can now qualify to receive child care support regardless of their employment status, if they attend an institution of higher education that qualifies for federal financial aid* and meet other ERDC eligibility requirements. Students aged 20 or younger and enrolled in high school or GED classes can also qualify for ERDC.

*Students do not have to be receiving financial aid to qualify, the institution of higher education itself must be eligible to receive federal financial aid.

  • Study Hours: Students will get 5 to 10 additional child care hours a week for study time, depending the number of class hours they are taking.
  • How to Apply: If you need child care and are working, going to school, or are on medical leave from work, contact your local ODHS office or call 1-800-699-9074. Even if you have applied for child care in the past and did not qualify, many of the rules have changed and you may now be able to receive help paying for child care.