MOSAICS Introduction

Welcome to Mosaic, the information of the Multicultural Student Services! We hope that Mosaic will be another way our Chemeketa Community campus community can gain knowledge and information about diversity and inclusion in our communities.  

In order for our campus community to reap the benefits of diversity, we must first overcome the barrier of what makes us uncomfortable and look at these as a way of learning about one another. There is a certain comfort in doing what has always been done, but there is also a cost. Inclusive diversity is naturally a way for us to look “outside the box” when we are questioning what diversity means. Looking at the contributions of those who have experiences different than our own, we might try to accept the differences as an opportunity for growth. Take the risk; resist our resistance to difference, press beyond the fear, embrace the change and ultimately open ourselves to others who are not like ourselves.

In the coming months there will be information, and commentary in the Mosaic section of the Bulletin.